March, 2010


Clarkstown 911 Police Communications Center



...the Town Board determined there was a need to evaluate the efficiency, current response technologies, security, and safety of their existing 1980's era Emergency Communications Center...


With a population of well over 85,000 people and located just 25 miles from midtown Manhattan, the Town of Clarkstown, New York has been ranked the second safest place to live among 300 communities with populations topping 75,000 people. (Morgan Quitno Press).

In the wake of the 9-11 attack, the Town Board determined there was a need to evaluate the efficiency, current response technologies, security, and safety of their existing 1980's era Emergency Communications Center, and create a state of the art facility.

The role of the 911 Police Communications Center is to coordinate the response of a variety of municipal services including State, County, and Local Departments of Transportation, local utilities, Fire Inspector, and Building Inspector. The ""community service oriented"" Police Department directs all community needs to the proper resources. In addition, the 911 Police Communications Center is in direct contact with Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies to coordinate with and direct any contingency.

Working closely with the Clarkstown design committee, DCAK-MSA Architecture designed a state of the art 911 Police Communications Center. This design includes:


·Vehicle Impact Barriers
·Blast and Bullet Proof Windows
·Personnel Identification Protocol Devices
·Video Display Technology Tied Into Local, State and Federal Communications
·Facility Maintenance Designed Around 24/7 Operation
·Stand Alone Ventilation and Electrical Equipment Systems to Ensure Continued Operation During Wide Range Emergency Situations
·Acoustic Control
·Visual Control

This exciting project is scheduled for completion by September 2010.



New DCAK-MSA Website


DCAK-MSA Architecture announces the launch of our new interactive website,


You are invited to search the site to view the Market Sectors we serve, and the Services we offer. The web site now provides greatly expanded available information with photographs, detailed project descriptions and project statistics. Moreover, our new site includes plans, drawings, models, and renderings. Furthermore, selected projects are included in 3D to enhance your viewing experience.

The website introduces the principals and staff at DCAK-MSA, a firm dedicated to the successful completion of all projects, large and small. It further includes a client list, as well as awards for past works. In addition, the site provides a client login page, which permits easy data exchange and correspondence between our clients and our consultants.

DCAK-MSA Selected to Design

St. George Malankara Orthodox Church

Between Sunset Avenue and Oakville Streets on Staten Island sits a vacant lot that is currently the planned location for the new 450 seat St. George Malankara Orthodox Church. DCAK-MSA Architecture is proud to announce being the selected firm to design this new and exciting facility for a growing congregation.



Highlights of this new facility:

·Main Hall for 450 parishioners
·Auditorium for 450 people
·Classrooms spaces
·Conference rooms
·Church offices
·Onsite parking


Programming is scheduled to commence in March with construction scheduled to begin at the end of 2010.
The Church will be completed by the end of 2011.



Mark Montalbano Joins the Firm as Senior Project Manager


DCAK-MSA Architecture welcomed Mark Montalbano to our company in January of this year. Mark holds the position of Senior Project Manager handling the firm's larger scale projects. As a graduate of Pratt Institute and Rhode Island School of Design, Mark brings to the firm a vast array of experience on municipal, educational, higher education and public project work. Prior to joining DCAK-MSA Architecture, Mark worked with Gwathmey Siegel and Associates and other notable firms. Mark resides in New Jersey with his wife Mary Ann and daughters Madeline and Grace.

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